Visualizing Real Estate Investment Insights with Donato Callahan, CEO of BrightInvestor

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Government employee by day, proptech founder at night. Donato Callahan is the CEO of BrightInvestor, a tech service that enables for real estate investors to better gather data and insights on markets, using visualizations. Donato isn't just a hopeful tech founder looking to capitalize on an opening in the market. He's an active real estate investor, building the tools to accelerate much of the manual work he used to do in order to make sound investments.

More about Donato and BightInvestor
By day, Donato is a geospatial analyst for the Department of Defense. By night, he is a commercial multifamily syndicator with $15M in assets and another $15M under contract & is the CEO of BrightInvestor!

He met his co-founder, Drew McCluskey, two years ago and have worked together to bring this amazing resource to new real estate investors everywhere.

BrightInvestor helps real estate investors get the answers they need by turning hours of market research into minutes. Crime stats, appreciation rates, population & job growth...even development activity tracking so you're always one step ahead of the competition. No more wasted hours bouncing from site to site. No more throwing money away on a dozen different subscriptions. You get everything you need in one place with BrightInvestor. BrightInvestor—market research made simple.

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