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Nate Smoyer interviewing Drew Meyers at Blueprint 2023
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Over the years, the industries top proptech founders, investors, and industry leaders have come on Tech Nest to discuss what they're building. Listen to the best on Tech Nest!

Proptech that is changing the way we buy, sell, and invest
in real estate.

Tech Nest: The Proptech Podcast is hosted by Nate Smoyer. The purpose of this show is to highlight the founders and leaders of companies who are working to transform the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate.
About Tech Nest
"This is the most important podcast in proptech. Critical knowledge through a fresh lens."
Clayton Collins
"Nate always brings 🔥. Great content, great guests."
Drew Fabrikant
CEO, Scout
If you’re interested in the intersection of real estate, finance, rentals, and the broader built world…this is a great resource. Nate sources great guests that come from a diverse range of proptech companies. Subscribe!
Drew Meyers
Founder, Geek Estate
Tech Nest asks all the tough questions you wish you could ask of Proptech founders, executives, and thought leaders. If you're not subscribed, you're missing out on crucial industry trends and stories!
Chuck Hattemer
Co-founder & CMO, Poplar Homes