Verticalizing Luxury Vacation Smart Homes with John Andrew Entwistle, CEO of Wander

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Nate Smoyer

You'll hear me say it in the intro, but wow. This was a heck of a discussion. John Andrew Entwistle is the Founder and CEO of a company called Wander. In a very short amount of time, Wander has exploded on the scene for vacation rentals. They're approach: verticalize the entire business. When I say the entire business—I mean everything! The tech, the management, property selection, the marketing, and oh the brand. Wander has masterfully build an incredible community around their brand of high-end, luxury smart homes that serve as vacation rentals. There's more to the business than I can write for this intro so hit play to hear what John Andrew has to say about Wander.

More about John Andrew and Wander
Wander is vertically integrating the vacation rental space, creating a radically better experience for travelers.

Wander is the only network of smart homes built for the future of work—there are currently 15 properties (more to launch in 2023) in stunning locations across the US. Everything from unlocking the door, turning on the lights, lighting the fireplace, and opening the Tesla in the garage (which each home is equipped with) can be controlled from the Wander mobile app. 

The company launched with a seed round led by Redpoint Ventures in 2021, and months later raised a Series A led by QED with participation from a16z, Fifthwall, Susa Ventures, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman's Thirty Five Ventures, Packy McCormick, Sahil Bloom, and others.

The co also recently launched their B2B product, Wander Teams, which allows employers to offer Wander credits/stays as a benefit. With Wander, working remotely becomes much easier: the workstations are comfortable, with adjustable desks and extra monitors; the WiFi is strong and reliable; and the kitchen and gyms are equipped so guests don’t have to sacrifice their daily routines. Wander Teams is still in beta but will become a core part of the business as they ramp up.

Wander recently secured a $100M credit line from Credit Suisse in November to turbocharge growth.

John Andrew Entwistle is Founder and CEO of Wander. Previously John Andrew was Co-founder of Coder (exited) and a Thiel Fellow.

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