Venture Backed Property Management with Chuck Hattemer, Co-founder and CMO of Poplar Homes

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Only a select few proptech leaders have made a second appearance on Tech Nest and this is one of those special occasions. Proptech enthusiast and property management veteran, Poplar Homes' co-founder and CMO, Chuck Hattemer, returns to give us the run down on Poplar Homes since we last spoke on the podcast four years ago.

Poplar Homes is a fast-growing, tech-enabled, venture-backed property management company. Simply put, they're a little bit different than your neighborhood property management firm. Maybe that's why they've been able to successfully scale to more than 13,000 doors under management, in 19 markets, across 11 states. And the part about being venture funded—they've raised over $75 million.

In this interview, Chuck shares more about the rebrand of Onerent to Poplar Homes, what makes a property management company "tech-enabled", and we dig into the trend of venture funding in the service industry. You'll also hear more about some of the trends in property management and why leveraging tech is such an advantage at the local level.

More about Chuck and Poplar Homes
Chuck Hattemer has over 10 years of experience in professional marketing, sales, and executive roles. Since co-founding Poplar in 2014, Chuck has gone on to grow his company to over 300+ employees, with over $75M venture backing and 13,000+ doors under management across the country. In his spare time, he contributes to Forbes and other industry puzblications such as the SFAA Magazine. 

Poplar Homes is a tech-enabled real estate service helping investors manage and monetize residential rental property across disparate locations. With remote staffing and an AI-powered platform, Poplar leases, manages, and maintains over 13,000+ doors across 19 markets in 11 states. With Poplar, property owners can confidently unlock geographical expansion to grow their portfolios like never before. 

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