Vacation Rental Operations and Management with Jeremey Gall, CEO of Breezeway

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

In this episode of Tech Nest, Jeremy Gall, Co-founder and CEO of Breezeway, joins us to discuss short-term rentals. Jeremy kicks us off with detailing what owners need to know in order to operate a successful vacation rental. I had to get Jeremy to comment on topics such as if there's going to be an Airbnb crash and flood of residential properties hitting the for sale market (hint: neither of us believe that's likely to happen). Of course, we get into the nitty-gritty as to how Breezeway is creating a web-based software for vacation rental managers to be more successful in their operations, need for integrations (such as Breezeway's latest with Airbnb), and future potentials of AI in the STR and hospitality industry. This one is a doozie—listen in!

More about Jeremy and Breezeway
Breezeway, a platform for managing all the work of maintaining and cleaning short-term rental homes, has helped thousands of hosts and property managers deliver the highest quality hospitality experiences for millions of guests across over 250,000 homes in 80 countries.

From cleaning and quality assurance to supply restocking, linens, routine maintenance, upkeep, property safety, and helping the guest enjoy all the amenities of the short-term rental, there is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to create a great guest experience. Breezeway automates these workflows and reduces errors, to help hosts and property managers meet guest expectations every single time.

Jeremy Gall is CEO & Co-Founder of property operations and experience platform Breezeway. Prior to founding Breezeway, Jeremy co-founded FlipKey and grew the platform into one of the world’s largest vacation rental businesses before TripAdvisor's acquisition in 2013. Jeremy founded Breezeway in 2017 with the aim of creating a comprehensive platform to help property and hospitality managers improve their operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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