Vacation Rental & Hospitality Market Tech with Vince Breslin, CEO of Uplisting, and Emmanuel Lavoie, CEO of Jetstream

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

This is a crash-course episode on what's going on in the market when it comes to tech in the vacation rental and hospitality space. We have two guests on this episode: Vince Breslin is CEO of Uplisting and Emmanuel Lavoie is CEO of Jetstream. Both work in the vacation rentals and hospitality market, but they are bringing products to slightly different customers and with different approaches.

Uplisting is heavily focused on serving property managers in the short-term rental space, while Jetstream is focused on bringing an all-in-one tech platform, paired with services, to owners and managers of short-term and flex-rental properties.

Hear more behind these startups and where they see the opportunities for innovation in the vacation and hospitality markets.

More about Vince and Uplisting
Uplisting, an Airbnb Preferred Partner, is a property and channel management software built specifically for growing short-term rental businesses. Property managers can manage short-term rentals and bookings, automate tasks, message guests, take payment, and so much more, in one easy-to-use platform (that never double-books).

Vince Breslin is a co-founder of Uplisting, a property and channel management software built specifically for growing short-term rental businesses. Launched in 2017, after the co-founders met working at HouseTrip (sold to TripAdvisor) Uplisting now works with managers across the globe, helping them to increase revenue, decrease inefficiencies, create 5-star guest experiences and reliably grow.

More about Emmanuel and Jetstream
Jetstream Hospitality Solutions is an all-in-one technology platform and services solution that provides a powerful way for owners, managers and developers of short-term rental properties to maximize revenues and realize opportunities in the short-term and flexible rental market. Jetstream combines best-in-class marketing expertise and distribution technology with high-quality customer support to deliver guest delight, streamline operations and reduce financial risk.

Emmanuel is a passionate French-Canadian engineer and entrepreneur who values integrity and competent execution above all. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Emmanuel landed in the HVAC Consulting world where he specialized in sustainable and energy efficient solutions for his clients. Following a successful exit of his small HVAC consulting engineering firm, Emmanuel took a major fork in the road and joined Jetstream in 2015 in the role of COO. 

Initially a small niche OTA, Jetstream quickly found itself providing connectivity and channel marketing services for an ever-expanding list of vacation rental resort management companies throughout North America and Europe. Emmanuel co-led the rapid growth of the company including a successful Series A and eventual exit to The RedAwning Group in 2018. Seizing on the financial difficulties suffered by the travel industry at the onset of COVID, Emmanuel and his business partner seized the opportunity to re-acquire Jetstream from under the parent company, and are now delivering on their bold vision for the future of hospitality. 

Emmanuel is a disciple of data-driven decision making and leading by values. When not trying to build an exemplary business, Emmanuel can be found skiing, sailing or paragliding.

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