Unlocking Revenue in Leasing with Noaam Blum, CEO of RentBase

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Join us on this episode as we delve into the world of rental with the founder of Rentbase, a new solution for agents and brokers in the real estate industry. Noam Blum, the founder, shares his personal experiences as an agent and the challenges he faced. With Rentbase, he aimed to automate leasing workflows and uncover sales opportunities. Rentbase is working to simplify the leasing process, from pre-qualifying leads to nurturing them into sales. Learn how Noam's unique approach and collaboration with a seasoned CTO aimed at revolutionizing the rental market, and empowering agents to maximize their commissions.

More about Noaam and RentBase
RentBase is an innovative proptech company that helps agents and brokers automate their leasing workflow and discover sales opportunities within their rentals.

With their unique ability to create a sales lead funnel from an agents rental data, RentBase has now begun partnerships with major MLSs and are in the process of closing company-wide deals with some of the largest brokerages in the country.

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