Unlocking New Infill Opportunities, One Lot at a Time with Ben Bear, CEO and Co-founder of BuildCasa

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Solving housing affordability challenges is going to take many approaches. Ben Bear joins us to discuss the strategy of his company, BuildCasa, is executing in several California markets.

BuildCasa, is just emerging from stealth, addresses housing affordability by rejuvenating existing neighborhoods and partnering with local builders. BuildCasa buys extra lot land from homeowners, sub-divides, and prepares the land for a new home to be built. This approach is helping existing homeowners realize significant financial gains from their unused land, and is added inventory to local markets where new homes are increasingly tough to find.

Ben answers a few of the obvious questions I had such as how to does this affect future values for the homeowner selling the land, and what is the total market opportunity to sub-divide land from homeowners and to build on (hint: it's probably more than you think!).

More about Ben and BuildCasa
Ben is the CEO and co-founder of BuildCasa. He was previously the co-founder at Spin, a micro-mobility company acquired by Ford Motor Company.

BuildCasa pays homeowners cash for their unused lot space. The company handles the entire permitting process to split the lot and partners with a local developer to then build a home. This creates a financial windfall for homeowners while helping solve the affordability crisis in desirable neighborhoods.  

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