The Future of Inner City Transportation with Catrine Machi, Co-founder of Swyft Cities

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Catrine Machi, co-founder of Swyft Cities, discusses the company's vision to transform urban real estate by improving mobility. Swyft Cities is developing an aerial transportation system that uses pods traveling along a cableway. The system offers a network of stations that provide efficient and direct routes for users. Machi emphasizes the importance of solving specific problems for cities and the need for a layered approach to transportation options. She also discusses the challenges of policy-making, procurement, and the readiness level of emerging technologies. Machi believes that the future of real estate will involve more options for transportation and a reduction in parking infrastructure.

More about Catrine and Swyft Cities
Swyft CIties uses autonomous smart gondola systems to create modular, highly flexible sustainable transportation to transform urban real estate for cities and private real estate developments.

Catrine Machi is co-founder of Swyft Cities, which transforms urban real estate by transforming mobility.   Catrine has dual Master’s Degrees in Urban Planning & Geography, and has been an urban planner, and mobility and transportation planner, consultant, and program manager working to develop more sustainable urban mobility.

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