The Convergence of Ecommerce and Real Estate with Jason Hardy, CEO of Ownly

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

In this episode we're talking about the Shopify of real estate. I'm thrilled to have Jason Hardy, the CEO of Ownly, a Canadian-based company that is also working in the United States, as our guest today. Ownly is bringing e-commerce to the residential real estate industry, creating a frictionless home buying experience. Their patent-pending technology, called Verified, connects qualified buyers and sellers, solving the problem of verifying identities and funds of potential buyers.

The world of residential real estate has been in a dizzy state in the last few years, and it's unclear when it will get back to "normal," or if there will be a new normal. But Jason and his team have been working to solve what they see as one of the real estate industry's biggest problems. 

If you're someone who likes having fun while digging into proptech, then you're in the right place. Join us today as we dive deep into Ownly.

More about Jason and Ownly
Ownly brings e-commerce to the residential real estate industry, creating a frictionless home-buying experience. The platform makes real estate transactions easier through its proprietary and patent-pending technology, connecting qualified buyers and sellers.

Jason has built his reputation as a thought leader in real estate and a driver of innovative marketing and sales initiatives. An influential industry leader, he is also a business school instructor and sought-after speaker. Jason is the executive director of the Real Estate Development Institute (REDI), chairman of real estate marketing agency Chatterson, sits on the Management Advisory Council for the Haskayne School of Business, and is an advisory board member and committee chair for the Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies.

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