The App That Rewards Renters with Lily Liu, CEO of Piñata

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Piñata®, the reward and credit building program for renters, lets you earn rewards, save on everyday expenses and boost your credit score, making your life more rewarding, affordable and secure.

Tech Nest Podcast brings you an interview with Lily Liu, CEO of Piñata, an innovative new app that rewards renters for their monthly payments. In this episode, Lily discusses the inspiration behind Piñata, how it works, and the benefits it offers to both renters and landlords. She also shares her insights on the future of the rental market and how renter amenities will take shape in the years to come. Tune in to hear more about this exciting new app that is changing the game for renters everywhere.

More about Lily and Piñata
Piñata is the nation’s largest rental membership program on a mission to make renting smarter and more rewarding for tenants and landlords alike. The company, founded in 2020 and led by women of color, offers renters a unique set of financial benefits including free rewards and credit-score-boosting opportunities, while also providing a unique amenity for landlords. Piñata has raised $20 million from leading investors including Wilshire Lane Capital.

Lily Liu's career started out by straddling the lines of technology and government founding PublicStuff, which she sold to Accela that was then acquired by Berkshire Partners. As the CEO of Piñata, Lily has brought to life her vision of creating financial equality for renters. In 2017, she was recognized as Forbes’ 30 under 30 Top Entrepreneurs and Business Insiders’ People to Watch. Her entrepreneurial leadership allows Lily to address glaring systemic issues in the financial and real estate industries. Learn more at www.lily-liu.com.

Lily is a first-generation Taiwanese American, raised in a blue-collar family. Her interest in building companies started at a young age stemming from her childhood experiences working at her father’s business. At 18, Lily started her first organization, providing free tutoring services to inner-city urban Pittsburgh students. From there, she became the youngest analyst under Mayor Bloomberg's Department of Education for special analytics and projects. In 2009, she founded her first tech start-up, PublicStuff. 

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