Tech to Tackle the $500B Indoor Air Quality Industry with Michael Driedger, Founder of Airsset

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

When you consider that more than 90% of your time is spent indoors and 95% of those spaces only have temperature as a control, you realize you might not be breathing clean air. 

As the pandemic has effected all of us, the importance of our immediate surroundings and the air we breathe has only increased. For instance, if you've traveled in the last two years, then you've likely seen the signs from airlines proclaiming their advanced filtration systems and HEPA filters. But what about settings such as public schools, manufacturing facilities, and other specialty workplaces?

Michael Driedger returns to Tech Nest to break down this industry and the fundamental problems real estate owners and operators face in measuring air quality requirements to stay compliant and to ensure safety. His company Airsset is the data platform that connects the industry's best IoT devices to create actionable insights. As he puts it, "We turn data into information and our industry partners turn that into building improvements."

About Airsset and Michael

Airsset is a data and analytics platform built on top of IoT devices which collect indoor air quality data. We turn data into information and our industry partners turn that into building improvements. 

Michael has been in the building industry his entire life, from consulting to software proptech start-ups. His passion for air quality began when his father (who spent much of his life as a drywaller), began to lose lung capacity due to drywall dust build up in his lungs. The big bodacious problem of bad indoor air all around us is what drives the Airsset team to build tools for the entire building industry.  

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