Smarter Leasing for Property Managers with Austin Lo, CEO at Peek

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Nate Smoyer

Let's imagine e-commerce, but for rental listings. It's kind of what we're talking about today. I've got Austin Lo, he is the founder and CEO of Peek. He got his start in real estate working at an investment fund. They were creating data-driven models, investing in e-commerce internet platforms. And, you know, he had this interest in real estate and so he went so far as to become a licensed agent in New York City. He learned the rentals game in New York City. And as I've been told, because I've not done it myself in the city, that can be a grueling way to cut your teeth.

Austin decided to take things further and started Peek in 2019. Peek is delivering a self-serve leasing experience, enabling renters to shop and tour properties, online. Imagine you can check out an apartment just like e-commerce. And that's the vision that Austin has here. We talk about that. We talk about a new product launch coming up from Peek. And then we even got into a little bit on artificial intelligence. Austin had a really interesting take on AI, the data that they're collecting at Pee, and how that could be a very unique input for AI models moving forward, whether they're using it or other use cases that are represented in the market. So you're going to want to hear his take on that. Go ahead, hit play.

More about Austin and Peek
Peek was founded in 2019 with the mission to create a better way to find a home. Peek is a complete solution for property owners and managers to deliver an immersive self-serve leasing experience that’s available to renters 24/7–online or on-site. Peek’s flagship Total Leasing allows prospective residents to see a property with both unit-level 3D tours and self-guided tours while providing the property with precise data and analytics on prospects to lease more efficiently. For property owners and managers, Peek has been able to reduce the need for onsite staffing levels, increase tour conversion rates by 3.5x and save clients an average of $750 per unit leased. Peek is a National Preferred Provider for Greystar and partners with other leading property owners and managers like Brookfield, Toll Brothers, Cushman & Wakefield, Nuveen and Hines. For more information visit peek.us.

Austin Lo is founder and CEO of Peek, whose mission is to create a better way to find a home. Prior to launching Peek in 2019, Austin worked at an investment fund, creating data-driven models to invest in e-commerce and internet platforms. He is also a licensed New York Real Estate Salesperson and a lifelong photography enthusiast–both of which sparked his interest in leveraging 3D virtualization technology to bring the e-commerce experience to finding a home. Austin is a graduate of Columbia University’s engineering school.

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