Sharing Commercial Real Estate Data with David Kaiserman, CEO of Backpack

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

What if sharing commercial real estate data could be more valuable than holding it all to yourself? This could be things like how the building was constructed, energy usable, roof condition, and more. Think CARFAX, but for commercial real estate. That's what David Kaiserman, CEO of the proptech company Backpack, is discussing on this episode of Tech Nest. David makes a compelling argument as to why data is better for everyone when shared, including reducing costs moving forward. Listen in to what he's got to say on this topic and more.

More about David and Backpack
Backpack Group is a full-service open building data platform for the $16 trillion built environment. This new platform answers the growing call for affordable and accurate asset-level operating data from owner/operators, regulators, lenders, insurers, investors and equipment manufacturers.

Backpack is the first company to affordably make the individualized data of a building and how it operates available in one unified, cloud-based system of record. Unlike current market solutions, which often rely on this data as a means of propriety, Backpack empowers building owners to share data simply and efficiently with parties of their choosing. The result is both significantly simpler and less expensive than the current use of internal and third-party resources. It also lays the path to access for current and future benefits made possible by this data.aiser

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