S8E88 Interview with Dan Green, CEO of Homebuyer

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

When it comes to working with first-time homebuyers, why is it that lenders may avoid, or rather, not work to earn their business? It may have something to do with the time it takes to close. Many first-time buyers take longer to go from lead to actually buying a home. But what if you could better inform, educate, and assist first-time homebuyers through smart content? In this interview, I'm talking with Dan Green, CEO of Homebuyer, about why he's working to help first-time homebuyers. He mentioned the opportunity is big—2.5 million transactions each year kind of big. We talk content marketing, we talk sales funnels, we talk funding, and we talk some industry trends. Dan's built several businesses in the mortgage space over the years and really knows what it takes to attract and cultivate a customer base. At the end of the day, Homebuyer is a lender, but their approach is much different and could offer them the competitive edge many are trying to create in the lending space. Listen in to hear more about what Dan's creating.

Personalized homebuyer education to reduce acquisition costs and boost loan profits.

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