S8E80 Interview with Hannah Gorlick, Co-Founder of Doorside (Shutdown)

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

It's no surprise when you hear top-producing real estate agents and property managers frequently need help in accommodating clients with showings. A known part of this challenge includes finding someone from your brokerage you trust who's capable of taking care of that showing and then compensating the agent. However, with agent to agent tasks, all compensation needs to flow through the brokerage. Accomplishing all of this requires manual task management and could prove tedious for the managing broker to keep track of hundreds of agent to agent transactions. That's why Hannah Gorlick and the team at Doorside are creating a platform for brokerages and property management companies to set up their own marketplaces for agent to agent tasks. This makes it simpler for top producers to find someone to handle a task, gives new agents supplemental income, and provides the brokerage the compliance coverage they need, all in one app.

Hannah Gorlick is the CEO and Co-Founder of Doorside, a software company providing custom marketplace apps for the real estate vertical. Dooride's platform solutions empower real estate brokerages with recruiting and virtual team-building; property managers with on-demand tours; and service-based businesses with a marketplace engine.

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