S6E65 Interview with Karen Abram, Founder of dashCMA (Acquired)

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Karen Abram, Founder of dashCMA, is on a mission to take the tedious process of putting together a CMA (comparative market analysis) and making it far more interactive and automated. Karen's got a great story and is leading her bootstrapped startup into a challenging and fragmented environment. We discuss the hurdles of expanding nationwide, while leveraging data from different MLS providers and the overall market opportunity waiting before dashCRM. We even approach the topic of should there be a national MLS—Karen doesn't hold back on her answer for that. Tune in!

What is dashCMA: dashCMA is a modern pricing tool for the modern real estate agent. dashCMA allows the agent to support and illustrate their pricing strategy in minutes, not hours. With 1 search, dashCMA shows the perspective of 25+ searches from leading competitors. Simply put, dashCMA equips the agent with a modern pricing perspective that their competition isn’t showing helping them win more listings, win more accepted offers but more importantly, win their client’s trust.

What was the “need” that inspired development: As an agent myself, I was frustrated with the current pricing tools and CMA tools available. I was frustrated with the timely process of creating and updating them and even more frustrated with the process of presenting what felt like a behemoth of unstructured details in a 60+ page presentation. Instead of flipping from page 4 to 9 to 23 to 44 and losing my client’s attention along the way, I wanted to be able to focus on 1 page that encompassed the multiple perspectives needed for effective pricing. Understanding these pain points firsthand combined with my 15+ year experience building pricing models for Fortune 500 clients was the right balance and motivation needed to get started.

Website: https://dashcma.com
Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18609623
Email Karen at: karen@dashcma.com

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