S5E58 Interview with Drew Fabrikant, CEO of Scout

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Generating leads is one way to help agents build a business…but it's not a game of quantity. If there are only approximately 5.4 million residential deals each year, then what are we to do with the 100+ million leads generated annually? Drew Fabrikant, CEO of Scout, has some answers on this. Scout is working to create the best match-making service found in real estate. While Scout is a brokerage, they're more of a referral service for other brokerages than your typical setup. They're addressing the consumer challenge of finding the best agent--by using data, not just a simple form request for more info. We talk about the unique datasets Scout is building, why their approach helps agents build better businesses, and the massive opportunity Scout has to connect consumers with professionals in all service industries.

After years working as an attorney and on Wall Street, Drew founded Scout based on the principle that finding the right advisors for the largest financial transaction of a lifetime shouldn't be difficult.

Taking a performance-driven approach, Scout makes it easy to find the right agent for any purchase or sale, saving time and money, and bringing transparency to the real estate services sector.

Mention TechNest for up to $2,500 cash-back at close, when using Scout to find the right agent for your purchase or sale.

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