S3E30 Interview with Andrew Flachner, Co-Founder & President of RealScout

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You can play the game of non-stop lead generation in order to build your business, but at some point you need to convert those leads. And if you convert more leads, then you won't likely have to do so much lead generation. This is just a snapshot as to what RealScout is doing for THOUSANDS of real estate agents nationwide. In this interview, Andrew Flachner shares a lot more than just how RealScout is helping realtors perform more efficiently and effectively. He also discusses the need for a collaborative buyers graph, shares advice for startups, and leaks out information about his latest project--a documentary covering the technology battle that's happening right now in the real estate industry. (Listen all the way to the end for the details on that!)

Andrew is Co-Founder and President of RealScout, a startup tackling residential real estate’s core problem: matching homebuyers and homes. LinkedIn revolutionized hiring by bringing job-seekers (demand), employers (supply) and recruiters (brokers) to one place - and providing transparency. RealScout strives to unlock the same revolutionary dynamic to a market that’s twice the size of recruiting.

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Check out the teaser video for RealScout's latest video project at secretresourcewar.com.

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