S3E29 Interview with Pat Kinsel, Founder & CEO of Notarize (rebranded as Proof)

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

So much to say about the work Pat Kinsel and the team at Notarize are doing to revolutionize the role notaries can have in the real estate transaction. They've helped pass legislation, have partnered with real estate investors, and are already having an impact serving iBuyers (though I couldn't get Pat to reveal which ones). This is a longer episode, but it's worth the listen because you'll hear how Notarize is paving the way for speeding up the real estate transaction with their 24/7 digital service. Check it out!

Notarize is the first platform to empower thousands of people each day to sign and notarize documents online. From adopting a child to buying a home, Notarize builds trusted products and services that support life's most important moments. Pat built the first platform in the country that allowed people to legally sign and notarize documents online, which helped a homeowner in Illinois make history in 2017. As covered by the Wall Street Journal, Notarize completed the first remote mortgage closing in the country with an Illinois resident, a Texas title company, a Michigan lender and a Virginia notary. This monumental event laid the groundwork for mortgages to be delivered into the secondary market instantaneously—a process that had previously taken a median of 29 days. Pat's vision? Now, Notarize customers touch more than 31% of real estate transactions. Pat’s vision? To empower anyone to walk into a home they love and buy it online the same day.

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