S2E24 Interview with Roberto Moreno, Founder of Gabbi.ai (Acquired by Ben Kinney Companies)

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

One day artificial intelligence will play a major role in all of our real estate transactions. And that day is not far away. Roberto Moreno, of Gabbi.ai, shares with us his passion and vision of how AI can prove to be a huge advantage for today's realtor. Rather than viewing this as a disruption, AI will likely help the realtor stay on top of tasks and work far more efficiently. All this leading to a better experience for the client.

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Gabbi.Ai is an AI-based communication platform (AI Assistant) that helps real estate agents build better relationships with their customers, thereby increasing their opportunities to double or triple their revenue potential each year. Founded by Roberto & Elisse Moreno, Gabbi was created out of a passion for the real estate industry, including years of hands on training and advice they provided to thousands of real estate agents to succeed and do better.

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