Rethinking Rental Property Finance Management with Mathias Korder, CEO of Baselane

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Baselane is relatively new to the scene when you compare against other platforms for independent landlords. It's a very crowded market lots of companies offering some mix of tenant screening, lease signing, and rent collection tools. However, the market has left several gaps that Baselane has been building to fill.

Co-founder and CEO, Mathias Korder, joins Tech Nest Podcast to discuss how Baselane is rethinking rental property finance management. This goes beyond just collecting rent. This gets into rebuilding a way of banking, accounting, and providing additional services that better suit the specific needs of 10+ million mom and pop landlords—those who own and manage their own properties. Baselane believes there's an opportunity to reduce fees, provide better analytics, and even better incentivize landlords with programs such as cash back on rental related expenditures. All of this is accomplished while reducing manual lift and improving financial organization.

Baselane is still a seed-stage company, but has successfully raised nearly $8M from leading VC firms such as Thomvest Ventures and Conversion Capital, and with Angel investors from Google, PayPal, and BlackRock.

More about Mathias and Baselane
Mathias co-founded Baselane together with Thorben Scheidger and Jad Yaghi with the goal of building modern financial technology to help the 11 million individual landlords and real estate investors in the US grow their rental investment portfolios, and to make real estate investing more accessible to new investors.

While working together at Boston Consulting Group from 2012 to 2018, Mathias and Thorben saw the opportunity to build a vertical-focused financial platform for individual landlords and real estate investors - a massive segment of the US economy - who are lacking modern financial technology, forced to rely on fragmented solutions, manual processes, and limited data to manage their rental properties.

Baselane is an end-to-end banking and financial management platform for landlords and individual real estate investors. Baselane’s all-in-one financial platform integrates banking, bookkeeping, rent collection, analytics, and more, to help landlords seamlessly manage their finances and maximize returns on their property investments. 

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