Renters Earn Rewards to Buy Real Estate with Will Dunn, CGO at Gravy

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Gravy is a startup that is focused on helping renters realize their dream of homeownership through a creatives rewards program.

Over the last few years there's been quite a few startups that have tried to focus on the first-home buyer as their market segment by courting renters through rewards programs. You can even see the evidence of this in how the listings marketplace websites like Zillow and Realtor.com want to build relationships with renters today—who in their minds are the homebuyers tomorrow.

Some startups have taken the approach of "pay rent through us and earn rewards", while others have attempted to give a percent of rent payments back to renters in the form of equity. Gravy is unlike these startups.

Will Dunn, Co-founder and CGO of Gravy (Chief Growth Officer, though I recommended the G should be Gravy), breaks down why creating a unique rewards program for renters is a powerful tool to helping unlock homeownership. What's unique about Gravy is there is no fee up front for renters and landlords don't have to sign-up for anything, nor change anything about how they collect rent.

Listen in as Will gives us all the details and more.

More about Gravy and Will
Gravy is a mobile app that helps renters become homebuyers. 

Buying a home is a confusing and complicated process––especially if you don't have a network of friends/family who have done it––including knowing where to start.

Gravy is designed to be both the first-step toward homeownership for renters and each step following to getting the keys to a new home.

Will Dunn is the co-founder and CGO of Gravy, where he oversees the company’s marketing, customer acquisition, and B2B partner operations.

Prior to Gravy, Will was Business Manager of Resident Services at leading property management software company, Buildium. Teaming up with Buildium alumni Jimmy Lien and Jeff Dinter, the three launched Gravy in April 2022 to become the destination where all 100M+ renters in the U.S. save money to buy their first home and learn how to successfully navigate the homebuying process.

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