Real-Time iBuyer Data with Tyler Okland, Co-founder of Datadoor

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Nate Smoyer

I promise you, today's guest has a background and story like no other guest to have ever been on Tech Nest.

Tyler Okland, a Stanford-trained physician, is also the co-founder of a real-time data aggregation company called Datadoor. Datadoor, still less than a year old and bootstrapped, collects and visualizes data in real-time from ibuying leader Opendoor. Datadoor is giving institutional and retail investors the data they need to make better investing decisions.

Tyler breaks down some of the challenges in moonlighting as a proptech founder, what the data around ibuying suggests, and he doubles-down on his belief why Opendoor has such a strong business case and could be a great investment. Datadoor is building quickly, so keep an eye on this young company. They're very nimble and have proven to be skilled in data aggregation and visualization.

It goes without saying, but all of the information in this interview should be considered for educational purpose only. Nothing you hear on Tech Nest, especially this episode, should ever be considered investment advice.

More about Datadoor and Tyler Okland
Datadoor is a data analytics startup that collects robust iBuyer data in real time.

Tyler Okland is a Stanford trained physician who currently works as a Fellow in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital. He writes a newsletter called The Operator, covering technology and business strategy. Tyler co-founded Datadoor, a proptech analytics startup with Sebastian Szturo in May, 2022.

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