Proptech Tailwinds, Shakeups, and a Hot-Take on Venture-Backed Property Management with Nate Smoyer, Host of Tech Nest

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Nate Smoyer

This week's episode is slight deviation from most. I'm giving a bit of a recap, announcing what's next coming up on Tech Nest, and pointing out some trends to watch.

I've shared this idea with a few folks, so I thought it was time to vocalize it for y'all. Venture-backed property management will fuel more institutional and PE investment into sing-family rental portfolios. Creating a consistent and predictable structure for managing properties across markets will increase the attractiveness for this asset class and will further enable for large, professional firms to take market share in the residential space over the next coming years.

I'd love to hear your take on this idea, whether you agree or not. Get at me on Twitter @NateSmoyer.

Links and details mentioned in this episode

  • Proptech is finally turning a corner where the best of ideas are catching—the next few years we'll see many more ideas, but consolidation of companies impacting real estate will continue
  • Check out housingwireannual.com to register for the Oct 3-5 event
  • New interviews coming up with Reasonai, Morgan Properties, and Landlord Studio
  • Search Tech Nest episodes to find and listen to interviews with Lydia Winkler, Fatima Dicko, and Michael Lucarelli
  • Look up Poplar Homes, PURE Property Management, and Great Jones to dig in more about how venture-backed property management is a trend to watch

Nate Smoyer is the host of Tech Nest. Nate was previously head of marketing at Avail, where he helped see the company through its Series A, and then exit to Realtor.com in just 18 months.

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