Proptech Reflections and Projections with Zach Aarons, Co-founder and Partner at MetaProp

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Zach is a proptech veteran and OG. As one of the Co-founders of the most prolific early-stage proptech investment firm, MetaProp, and as an individual investor, he's seen some things go down. In this episode, we discuss what's changed over the course of Zach's career within proptech, and discuss where things are headed next. There's more to this than just before and after the pandemic, but that's obviously a big component to how things have evolved. Download to hear more about what Zach has to say.

More about Zach and MetaProp
MetaProp is the world’s leading venture capital firm focused on the PropTech industry. Founded in 2015, MetaProp’s investment team has invested in over 150 technology companies across the real estate value chain. The firm manages funds for both financial and strategic real estate investors that represent a pilot- and test-ready sandbox of 20+ billion square feet across every real estate asset type and global market.

Zach has been working at the intersection of real estate and venture capital for the past decade. He's funded over 60 startups in the space as an individual as well as 100 startups (and counting) through MetaProp’s venture capital funds. In addition to early-stage investing, he's worked on large scale mixed-use development projects in cities like Boston and Los Angeles with Millennium Partners. He's also co-author of PropTech 101 (https://proptech101.com) published by Advantage Media.

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