Partner Success by Talking to Customers with Cristine Brown, VP of Partner Success at Rhino

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Cristine Brown the VP of Partner Success at Rhino, a company that been leading the multifamily industry in creating alternative solutions for the standard security deposits rents must put up to rent an apartment. Cristine shares a lot about the products at Rhino, but also their secret to success: talking to their customers. You'll hear multiple examples of how this has lead to new product insights and understanding who is influencing purchase decisions. Without talking to customers, startups run the risk of pursuing the wrong solutions or attempting to force demand where there is none. Listen in to hear from Cristine on this and more.

More about Cristine and Rhino
Rhino pioneered security deposit insurance to help making renting more affordable by removing the barrier of an upfront cash deposit. The company also offers deposit management services for property owners as well as renter's insurance and credit-building services to renters. Rhino works with a partner network that covers 6 million rental units across the country.

After more than a decade in banking, Cristine Brown joined the proptech industry to help create opportunities for renters and property owners. As Rhino's Vice President of Partner Success, Cristine focuses on reducing leasing teams' administrative burdens and strengthening their competitive advantage while helping renters keep more cash in their pockets and improving renting choices.

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