Not Your Average Proptech VC with Jeffrey Berman, Partner at Camber Creek

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Stop the tape! This is one of the most energetic episodes on Tech Nest—ever! Jeffrey Berman, partner at Camber Creek, brings the heat. We covered a wide variety of topics. We talked strategy, proptech trends, what's to come, and more. But ultimately, I think you'll walk away with at least one thing—Jeffrey is not your average VC! Don't delay—hit the play button.

More about Jeffrey and Camber Creek
Camber Creek is the oldest venture capital firm in the US, driving innovation in the real estate industry.  Camber Creek maintains an LP network of institutional investors and over 300 strategic real estate groups, including some of the largest real estate owners, operators, and service providers. By introducing them to the strongest startups across dozens of categories, Camber Creek serves an R&D function for the real estate industry, connecting the best technology to industry leaders who spur adoption, all while generating top quartile returns. We are currently investing out of our fourth fund and have 13 exits portfolio-wide - to date. 

Jeffrey Berman has more than two decades of executive management experience and deeply rooted relationships in the start-up, real estate and venture capital ecosystems. Jeffrey has sourced deal flow, led due diligence, made investment decisions and served on the boards of numerous portfolio companies. Prior to Camber Creek, he was a Principal at one of the Washington DC area’s largest privately held real estate development and management companies.

**Special note and shout out for the podcast Jeffrey co-hosts with fellow proptech veteran and enthusiast, Edward Cohen. It's called Tangent - Proptech & The Future of Cities. Check it out: https://tangent.transistor.fm

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