Modernizing Planned Communities and Resident Experience with John Cecilian Jr, CEO of Cecilian Partners

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

This interview is a delight to listen to if you're passionate about the customer experience. John Cecilian Jr, Co-founder and CEO of Cecilian Partners joins the podcast to discuss some the of ways the customer experience in planned communities can be made better. We go beyond just how new homes are built. John discusses some of the shift in thinking around communities, what homebuyers want, and why resident experience is increasingly more important to consider.

More about John and Cecilian Partners
Cecilian Partners is changing how new homes are built and bought in America with innovative real estate development software and marketing tools. Our patented land management and property development platform, immersive 3D mapping technology, and robust data management solutions make it easier for community builders and developers to manage the complexities of placemaking while offering interactive experiences that delight homebuyers and drive sales.

In 2019, after 17 years as a leader in retail strategy and customer experience at iconic brands, John pivoted his career to launch Cecilian Partners. Drawing on first-hand insights into the broken customer journey for community developers and production home builders, John assembled a targeted team of outside-industry experts to bring digital transformation to planned communities. Today, Cecilian Partners’ unique technology forms the backbone of the new home value chain, from land to lots to homes to residents, by digitizing the end-to-end land and property development process — bringing data into one place, automating manual activities, and delivering a better, faster customer experience at every point in the customer journey.

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