Modernizing Home Maintenance with Brent Hasse, CEO of Flat

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

With one subscription, you can check off everything on your home maintenance list. Flat brings together the best of technology and hands-on help to track, manage, and complete all the little tasks your home requires to stay in good working order all on one platform.

What a time to be alive. It truly is and this episode is proof of that. I'm talking with Brent Hasse, CEO of Flat. Flat is a subscription service for homeowners. They're leveraging smart technology, combined with a network of vetted trade partners, to provide superior home maintenance and wellness checks to homeowners. Brent gives us all the dirt on the business, including how strategic channel partnerships have proven to be significant driver of growth versus other more costly channels like digital advertising.

When building a startup in a category consumers don't know to search for, it can be a tough go. Listen in to hear how Brent is bringing Flat into homes today and what their expansion plans for the future looks like.

More about Brent and Flat
Flat is working to vastly improve the home ownership experience through data and technology. The company provides a subscription service that includes Wellness Checks (think Oil Change, but for your home), performs comprehensive maintenance and assessment of a home’s condition, and has the option to book repairs immediately with our network of vetted partners all through our platform. Flat offers homeowners peace of mind, reduced risk for major repairs through regularly inspecting a home, and frictionlessly performing timely minor maintenance.  Everything will be trackable and could be used as a Carfax report for your home.  

Brent is the founder and CEO of Flat, a tech-enabled proactive home maintenance and management platform to help flatten the cost of homeownership. He noticed we take better care of our cars and pets than our largest asset - our homes - and decided to create a platform to capture potential home issues as they arise and make projects more efficient for local vendors. He has over 10 years of real estate services experience and a passion for all things Chicago, Purdue basketball, and real estate.

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