Modernized Accounting Platform for Residential Landlords with Logan Ransley, Co-founder of Landlord Studio

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Nate Smoyer

Landlord Studio was started in 2016 and is listed as a Seed stage company on Crunchbase, having raised an unknown amount of venture capital. The company boasts 15 employees, according to LinkedIn. Landlord Studio was given the honor as a Matchstiq Top 50 startup—a recognition reserved for top startups in New Zealand.

As the story goes with many products, someone got tired of dealing with the same problems, they searched the market for what they believed should be a product to solve the problem, only to discover there was not an adequate solution. So instead of allowing the problem to persist, they built the product themself. That's sort of the story here with Landlord Studio.

Today I'm joined by Co-founder, Logan Ransley. He's breaking down some of the common problems residential landlords face every day when it comes to managing their finances.

It can be simple keeping track of one rental, but when you start building your portfolio, problems multiple and this can cost an investor lots of time and money. Landlord Studio is unique in that they're not just focused on the US market. With a presence in Europe and Australia, as well as the US, Landlord Studio has focused on building a platform that can meet the investor where they're at. Equally as unique, the company has had a mobile-first mentality from the start—making Landlord Studio one of the few options available that give residential investors the accounting tools they need on the go.

More about Landlord Studio and Logan
Landlord studio is designed specifically for residential landlords with between 1 and 25 rental properties. It simplifies and automates the process of collecting and reconciling rental income and expense transactions. With automated bank feeds, an intelligent receipt scanner, and expense categories that align perfectly with the IRS tax forms, Landlord Studio radically improves the quality and the timeliness of the bookkeeping process, making it infinitely easier at tax time.

In addition to providing accountancy support, Landlord Studio helps landlords maximize the ROI on their property investments with a suite of management features such as online rent collection, tenant screening, listings, document storage, reporting, and maintenance tracking. All features are available on both desktop and mobile and are easy to use, making adoption simple for anyone with a smartphone.

Logan Ransley is the Co-Founder of Landlord Studio. He is also an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

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