Modern Revenue Management and AI Tech for Multifamily with Donald Davidoff, CEO & Co-Founder at REBA

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Donald Davidoff, the CEO and Co-founder of REBA, discusses the limitations of using spreadsheets in the multifamily industry and the need for new tools. He highlights the challenges of trusting data and the frustration around collating and analyzing data in Excel. Donald introduces REBA Rent, a new product that aims to simplify the rental process and improve transparency. He also addresses the hesitancy of multifamily owners and managers to adopt new solutions and the importance of empathy and observation in understanding user pain points. Donald shares his predictions for the future of REBA and the industry, emphasizing the changing staffing models and the potential impact of AI.

More about David and REBA
Real Estate Business Analytics is a data analytics company on a mission to change how the multifamily industry uses data.

REBA helps leaders ask insightful questions about their business by giving them access to all their data in one central location. We do this by offering a suite of business intelligence, budgeting and pricing & revenue management solutions that gather data & deliver insights so you can make better decisions, faster.

With REBA, you can eliminate Excel hell, bad data, excess cost, and analysis paralysis with tools built by multifamily for multifamily.

Donald Davidoff is the CEO and Co-founder of Real Estate Business Analytics, Inc. He is recognized throughout the rental housing industry as a thought leader in pricing, business intelligence, marketing, and leasing. Donald is best known for leading the development and implementation of the Lease Rent OptionsTM (LRO), the industry’s first automated demand forecasting and price optimization system. A former Senior Vice President at Archstone and Executive Vice President at Holiday Retirement, Donald works with C-Suite clients to assess their operational and technology platforms and implement impactful projects.

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