Modern Rental Management Tools for Real Estate Agents and Investors with Michael Lucarelli, CEO of RentSpree

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

This interview is the perfect listen for those wanting to rethink their go-to-market strategy, those researching rental management technology, and those who want to understand how to find your earliest customers.

Michael Lucarelli, a Forbes 30 under 30 alum, is the Co-founder and CEO of RentSpree. In this interview, he talks through the incredible success RentSpree has experienced in the last few years as a result of delivering the right product to the right customer at the right time. Specifically, that is rental management tools to real estate agents through a broad network of MLS partnerships. Agents seem to be trending towards taking on more rentals as the market grows tougher to win for sale deals and this paints a bright future for RentSpree as they're uniquely positioned to provide the right tools for agents.

This episode has a little something for everyone. I've long admired the growth strategy of RentSpree and it was great to hear more about that directly from Michael. Listen in for yourself!

More about Michael and RentSpree
Michael Lucarelli is the CEO and Co-Founder of RentSpree, an award-winning rental software company. Lucarelli founded RentSpree in 2016 to reimagine how people rent homes. His mission is to pioneer a new rental process that allows all renters, landlords, and agents to interact seamlessly. Lucarelli is the recipient of Forbes 30 under 30, Los Angeles Business Journal 20 in their 20s, ASPIRE Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year, and Resident Malibu Award. Additionally, Lucarelli is an M.B.A. graduate of Pepperdine University.

​​Founded in 2016, RentSpree is an award-winning rental software known in all 50 states for its easy-to-use tenant screening process, renter management, partnership program and rental screening API. In just six years, RentSpree has grown its database by partnering with over 250 of the most trusted names in real estate and over one million agents, owners and renters across the country.

RentSpree helps real estate agents handle the influx in applications by providing them with professional tools to help save time, reduce liability, and grow their business with quality tenants.

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