Mobile First CRE Data Solutions with Bonnie Murray, CEO of Raccord

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

What an honor it was to have Bonnie Murray, founder and CEO of Raccord on the show. Raccord is building a mobile-first data platform specifically for commercial real estate owners and operators. We had a fun discussion highlighting why the decision to build mobile first as compared to everyone else in the industry, as well as how this can save organizations significant time from handling administrative work and reducing delays with data requests. We also had a chance to discuss the importance of building a diverse team, coincidentally, on International Women's Day. Lots of insights jammed into this interview. Listen in!

More about Bonnie and Raccord
Raccord is a data platform that distills complex, disparate data into clear, powerful and essential metrics, to equip decision-makers with the intelligence needed to analyze portfolios and investment opportunities, the smart way.

Raccord's CEO, NY-based Bonnie Murray, has over twenty years experience in finance, working across various investment verticals, and recognizes the importance of data-driven decision-making. Leading a female-led business that is laying the foundations for a futuristic real-estate investment model, Bonnie is perfectly placed to talk about navigating the industry, share her unique insight, and discuss potential challenges.

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