Leading Real Estate Data Innovation with John Rogers, Chief Innovation Officer at CoreLogic

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

There's no shortage of topics and angles to cover when talking with the Chief Innovation Officer of CoreLogic, John Rogers. John is a seasoned veteran, leading tech and innovation throughout his career. He's been with CoreLogic for just over ten years, building the teams and shaping the direction of how we'll look at real estate data for years to come. This interview has it all—discussion on climate data and modeling, AI, and even scotch. Of course, John gives some details about some of CoreLogic's latest tech called the Discovery Platform. John's a fascinating leader in our industry and I think you'll enjoy this discussion.

More about John and CoreLogic
John Rogers holds the role of Chief Innovation Officer at CoreLogic and is responsible for the R&D. From driving new solutions that understand the impacts to the real estate economy due to climate change, to ground-breaking models that identify suitable land for affordable housing development, the R&D group tackles major housing issues and works with many clients across the housing industry to drive growth and mitigate risk on their book of business.  

CoreLogic is a leading provider of property insights and innovative solutions, working to transform the property industry by putting people first. Using its network, scale, connectivity and technology, CoreLogic delivers faster, smarter, more human-centered experiences, that build better relationships, strengthen businesses, and ultimately create a more resilient society.

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