Increasing Revenue and Response Times for Property Managers with Ethan Lieber, CEO of Latchel

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Ethan Lieber is the Co-founder and CEO of Latchel, a proptech based in Seattle that is working to improve property management companies' response times, as well as helping property managers achieve incremental revenue through resident benefits. Often times property management companies find themselves having to choose between delivering great service to residents or protecting margins of their business. Ethan breaks all this down, and how Latchel is building a solution.

We cover a range of topics in this interview including what are resident benefits packages, resident NPS, challenges with smart home devices as a property manager, benefits of going through Y-Combinator as a startup, and more.

Listen in to hear what Ethan has to say.

More about Ethan and Latchel:
Ethan is a seasoned entrepreneur who started and sold an e-commerce startup while working full-time at One Planet Ops, running Product for contractors.com - before co-founding Latchel in 2017.Latchel is a tech-forward property management business that was accepted into the Y Combinator program in 2019 (with alumni companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Doordash and Stripe). We completed our Series A funding (led by F-Prime) in 2021.

Renters today expect better service, more perks, and faster maintenance than most property managers can afford to provide.Latchel is a software platform that enables property managers to be more responsive and offer better perks while also creating a new revenue stream so they don't have to choose between happy tenants and a healthy bottom line.

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