HW Media CEO Clayton Collins, ATTOM EVP Rick Sharga, & Tech Nest Host Nate Smoyer Discuss the Blueprint Conference and What It Means for Proptech

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Nate Smoyer

Just before we all left Las Vegas, Clayton Collins, Rick Sharga, and myself, got together to record our immediate thoughts on the Blueprint conference. This is a Housing News original podcast episode. We're crossposting this week so y'all don't miss out.

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This is a crosspost episode from the Housing News Podcast, hosted by Clayton Collins.

This week, Clayton is coming to your feed live from the Blueprint proptech and real estate conference in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. He had the opportunity to sit down in person and talk to Rick Sharga, the Executive Vice President at ATTOM, and Nate Smoyer, host of the Tech Nest Podcast.

The three of them talk about what they learned and took away from the Blueprint conference, and how the market is impacting the decisions being made by prop-tech, mortgage tech, and real estate companies.

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