How Industrial Warehousing is Innovating

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

It's no secret by now that industrial warehousing is a hot topic and industry for investors. However lesser known and talked about is the ongoing innovation of the space. Last mile being reduced even further, AI and how its impacting operations, and the big opportunity to better serve the small- to midcap businesses. In this episode, Brad Wright of Chunker will share how his company is creating the Airbnb of warehousing and Peter Lewis of Wharton Equity Partners digs into where and how he's investing. This is a two-for-one episode. Download and let's go!

About Peter Lewis and Wharton Equity Partners
Peter C. Lewis is the President and Founder of Wharton Equity Partners, a prominent real estate developer and investor with over thirty years of experience in multifamily, mixed-use and, most recently, industrial sectors.

Wharton Equity Partners is a NYC-based real estate owner, operator and developer with an increasingly active venture capital arm - Wharton Equity Ventures - which has been an important investor in several pioneering companies that have achieved valuations in excess of $1 billion. 

About Brad Wright and Chunker
Brad is the CEO of Chunker, a marketplace for short-term, on-demand warehouse space. As CEO Brad is responsible for overseeing the vision and operations of Chunker along with driving sales and company growth.

Chunker is a marketplace for listing and procuring short-term warehouse space. Simply put: it’s the Airbnb for warehouse space. Spaces range anywhere from 500 to 200,000+ SF in 41 states and 155 cities across the U.S.

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