Future Trends in Proptech Are Here Now with Zain Jaffer, Partner at Blue Field Capital

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

The future trends in proptech are here. Now. Zain Jaffer, an experienced entrepreneur, investor, as well as fellow podcaster, comes in swinging with a lot of insights as to where we're headed—but also, where we currently are on an array of topics. We kick off this interview by jumping straight into a discussion focused around job automations, leading to AI, multi-family investing insanity, and affordable housing. Zain weaves in his experience and expertise to answer some important questions on what's next for the real estate and proptech industry. It's his experience and vision that's helped him make strategic investments in real estate and proptech over the years, and today you get a glimpse into what he's seeing.

About Zain Jaffer and Blue Field Capital

Blue Field Capital has a $1B+ real estate portfolio with investments including land, apartments, warehouses, hotels, office and senior care facilities.

An entrepreneur and investor in promising PropTech start-ups, Zainali “Zain” Jaffer is a private investor looking for projects and approaches this budding industry with one foot planted in his tech-industry experience and the other firmly grounded in his commercial real estate acumen.

Zain is also the host of the podcast PropTechVC, where he interviews the innovators, disruptors, and mavericks of the real estate industry, bringing listeners the latest conversations, trends and opportunities in the market. During the show, Jaffer delights in discussions that explore the many applications for technological breakthroughs that are transforming the market in real time. New guests are featured on a regular basis, and new episodes are posted almost every day, along with available video that can be found on the podcast’s home website, PropTechVC.com.

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