Fully Digital Fund Transfers in Real Estate with Earnnest CRO, Russell Smith

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

As the digital transformation continues in the real estate industry, we need to be thinking about security and safety for the consumer. One of the greatest risks to many consumers today is sending sensitive information, such as banking or payment information, through unsecure channels like email. Yet, this is the experience for the vast majority of consumers today.

Earnnest is working to change this. Chief Revenue Officer and NAR Reach Mentor, Russell Smith, joins Tech Nest: The Proptech Podcast to discuss the many issues, challenges, and opportunities in building a better way to move money. Russell's deep knowledge and expertise in fintech and the real estate industry gives him unique perspectives and valuable knowledge as to what the underlying problems are with earnest money payments, security deposits, and wire transfers.

Russell and I had a really fun time recording this episode and I think that comes through in our conversation. Listen in!

More about Earnnest and Russell
Earnnest is how money moves in real estate! We are a digital payments company based in Greenville, South Carolina. We are the industry leader in digital earnest money payments - free for agents, free for escrow holders - and also offer a full payment suite for all payment occasions - agent fee billing, commission disbursements, lease payments, etc.

Russell Smith serves as Earnnest's Chief Revenue Officer, leading all marketing, sales, and customer success efforts for the digital payments leader. Prior to joining Earnnest, Russell held multiple go-to-market roles at HouseCanary, RealScout, and Trulia. He was named as a 2020 HousingWire Rising Star and is a NAR REACH Mentor. Russell lives in Napa, California with his wife and son.

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