Full-Service, Passive Real Estate Investing Platform with Andrew Luong, CEO of Doorvest

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

More about Andrew and Doorvest
Doorvest is an end-to-end solution for real estate investing, done entirely online.

Doorvest helps individuals build wealth remotely by facilitating the purchase of a single-family rental and managing the property—making owning rentals as easy as owning a stock. 

Only in this case, they’ll own the whole home!

Andrew Luong is the co-founder of Doorvest, a venture-backed startup advancing financial security for all. Andrew is also a real estate investor, Realtor, and mortgage loan officer. With a passion for all things technology and personal finance, Andrew created Doorvest to enable everyone to access to financial security through investing in the $3 trillion single-family rental market.

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