Fractionalizing Vacation Rentals Like Stocks with Jorge Aldecoa, President of reAlpha

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Join host Nate Smoyer on Tech Nest podcast as he sits down with reAlpha President, Jorge Aldecoa, to discuss their concept of investing in vacation rentals like stocks. Jorge will share his insights on the current state of the vacation rental market and explain how owning a share of the budding vacation rental industry is more attainable than ever before. Jorge shares how reAlpha is approaching vacation rentals investing differently than others using their proprietary AI-powered reAlphaBrain, Elon Musk deep-fake viral marketing, and offering a Reg A product. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, this episode is a good listen for anyone looking to learn more about something new in the vacation rentals space.

More about Jorge and reAlpha
reAlpha is building a digital real estate investing platform that enables its members to simplify wealth creation opportunities through investments in vacation homes while striving to deliver exceptional guest experiences. reAlpha sources and scores properties from the wholesale market using a proprietary AI-driven algorithm called reAlphaBRAIN. It then predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market, as well as the projected long-term value. reAlpha’s business plan contemplates eventually allowing investors to buy equity in specific properties, providing opportunities for short-term passive income generation via Airbnb, as well as equity-driven capital appreciation. reAlpha is based in Dublin, Ohio. For more information, please visit www.realpha.com.

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Watch below the famous viral video marketing from reAlpha, using a deep-fake Elon Musk.


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