Finding Small Multifamily Rentals to Invest In with Jeff Gopshtein of Yieldeasy

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Jeff Gopshtein has been working in real estate and private equity for more than seven years. Given the trends of the last few years and especially during the pandemic, Jeff noticed a significant appetite for small multifamily properties (2-4 unit type buildings). However, the friction in acquiring these properties for the average mom and pop investor can be high. That all includes finding the deals, getting the right data on the property, and securing the necessary services to fund and these manage properties.

Jeff has set out to change this, starting with his home city of Philadelphia (Philly for those of us from the area). He started a company called Yieldeasy. Yieldeasy is a marketplace, exclusively focused on helping mom and pop investors find and acquire small multifamily properties to invest in. Yieldeasy is very early in its journey, but Jeff has a few ideas as to how this growing slice of the market represents significant opportunities, both on the tech side and for those investing on the ground.

More about Yieldeasy and Jeff Gopshtein
Yieldeasy is a marketplace to buy & sell small apartment buildings.

Having spent 7+ years in institutional real estate investing and private equity, Jeff ventured off into the entrepreneurial world and is building Yieldeasy to help mom and pop investors acquire small balance CRE. Jeff's previous work experience also includes capital markets, development, and property management. He's bought and sold single family rentals during the pandemic which gave him the idea for this business. 

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