Financing $1.5B as Unsecured Loans Through Service Contractors in 2 Years with David Haas, Co-founder and COO of PowerPay

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Experienced business operator and entrepreneur, David Haas, has quickly built a very fast-growing business leveraging tech, a network of 7,000+ contractors, and increasing demand from homeowners to provide financing to homeowners to the tune of $1.5B in the last two years.

The pandemic has fueled significant desire to make home improvements as people work from home and often are spending more time at home during shutdowns. Leveraging prior experience in the contracting industry,

David understood most homeowners, however, don't have the funds to pay for costly renovations. PowerPay is the solution David believes will best solve the issue of homeowners wanting and needing to make home improvements and ensuring service contractors are paid.

You'll hear how David has grown his team from 10 to 200 people in 2 years on a relatively small amount of funding, achieved profitability, and positioned PowerPay to become a first-look lender.

Let's get to it!

More about David and PowerPay

PowerPay is a digital lending platform for the home improvement industry. Our fully automated technology offers near-instant approvals on loans up to $100,000, helping homeowners translate expensive home improvement projects into low monthly fees that can be paid over time.

Unlike other digital lending platforms, PowerPay is a fully independent company that is committed to delivering loans with no extra fees or added costs in order to offer the lowest monthly payment possible to our customers. After all, the more affordable the loan, the bigger the possibilities for your home.

David has over 25 years of successful business experience and ownership of multiple lines of service. David has extensive experience working in the home services space - consumer financing for home improvements, comprehensive digital marketing, and web design. 

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