Enabling Digital Transformation in Real Estate Development with Adam Stark, Co-founder of Jet.Build

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Powering RE developers and construction professionals with cloud-based PM solutions. Jet.Build: The better way to build.

Adam Stark is Co-founder of a company called Jet.Build. Jet.Build is a platform that enables real estate developers to streamline communication between vendors, partners, lenders, and other important stakeholders on projects. This is accomplished by digitizing and automating a lot of the manual processes you might encounter when completing a ground up or retro-fitting an older apartment building. Tools such as Jet.Build help companies initiate and progress significantly in digitally transforming; ultimately leading to saved time, money, and effort. Adam shares more about the opportunity of ahead of Jet.Build and the industry as a whole. Listen in to hear what he has to say.

More about Adam and Jet.Build
Think about organizations that leverage a Salesforce for their sales department, a Hubspot for their marketing department, an ADP for their HR department, a Netsuite for their accounting department—and so forth.

Jet.Build is the equivalent organizations necessity for real estate operators; a cloud-based command center. Jet-clients? Developers, contractors, owners reps, construction managers—and a few more unique cliental. 

My co-founder and I know each other first as enemies; competing in high school sports agains one another. Fast forward, we end up in the same military enlistment as airborne troops (paratroopers). Fast forward again, we end up in NYC working for real estate developers. Here, we recognized the need for a better 'salesforce' equivalent solution for the industry; the legacy products that exist are simply outdated, clunky, and wildly priced. Jet.Build will standardize the industry as the essential organization management software.

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