Driving Transformation in Lending with Product-Led Growth with Josh Ernst, CEO of Backflip

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Josh Ernst, Founder and CEO of Backflip, a fintech focused on helping real estate investors through enhanced investing tools and by providing loans, brought the heat! Very few interviews with founders get into the specifics of product-led growth like we did in this one. Josh emphasizes the importance of starting with the customers' problems first, and then working backwards to find the right solutions and models. This is probably one of the most product and growth focused episodes we've published recently. This is not one to skip!

More about Josh and Backflip
Backflip is a real estate financial technology company that supports individual entrepreneurs reinvigorating the housing supply by acquiring and renovating single family homes. The company offers purpose-built technology and capital products used by its members to source, analyze and finance residential real estate investments. Backflip’s platform democratizes technology, data, and financing strategies that were previously only available to institutional investors and large corporations.

Josh founded Backflip with Jake in October 2020. Josh holds a passion for driving innovation and value creation, which has been evident throughout his diverse and accomplished career, and brings a wealth of expertise from his previous professional experiences:
Josh served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at DeShong Companies (dba "Trelly") and Myers the HomeBuyers, where he oversaw all internal operations and executed the company's vision, with responsibilities spanning product development, sales, marketing, operations, human resources, and finance/accounting. During his tenure, the company successfully completed over 1,500 investment and sales transactions annually, expanded the team to approximately 80 people and established offices in four locations. Additionally, Josh held a position on the company's Board of Directors.

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