Digs Journey from Start to Exit to Rebrand with Pat McLoughlin, Product Lead at OJO

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Pat McLoughlin was Co-founder and CEO of Digs.co. Digs started in 2018, and was relatively quickly acquired by OJO in late 2020. In this episode of Tech Nest, Pat details the journey from the original idea, to how the acquisition came to be, then rebranding his startup after exit, and lastly what this all means for the future mission of the product.


Pat McLoughlin was the first person to agree to grab coffee with me when I moved to Chicago that was not a coworker of mine. We met up in a Foxtrot Cafe in mid 2019. It was there he shared with me what Digs was working on and what they hoped to achieve‚ÄĒultimately helping more people realize their dreams of homeownership. Fast-forward to late 2020 and Digs was acquired by OJO, a well-funded and well-respected real estate tech company that hosts a vast network of agent partners and operates its own listings marketplace.

Pat walks us through the journey of his original idea, getting started, going through the acquisition process, and finally rebranding Digs into what is now known as OJO Homeowner. This episode is absolutely jam-packed with insights. Check it out.

More about Pat McLoughlin and OJO
Pat McLoughlin is the Product Lead for OJO Homeowner. Prior to that, he was the founder and CEO of Digs, a fintech company that was acquired by OJO Labs in 2020. In addition to his role at OJO, Pat is a multifamily real estate investor and licensed real estate agent. He has a degree in Architecture from Miami University.

OJO acquired Digs in late 2020 to expand fintech offerings to their consumers. Digs provides homeowners with tools to help manage their biggest asset including home valuations, mortgage tracking, and an FDIC insured savings account. 

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