Decarbonization in Commercial Real Estate with Owen Glubiak, VP of Client Strategy at Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Owen Glubiak, VP of Client Strategy for Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, discusses decarbonization in commercial real estate. They discuss the challenges and pressures faced by the industry, the role of AI in optimizing building performance, and the importance of tenant comfort. They also touch on the future of Cortex and the trends in decarbonization policies in cities like Boston, New York, California, Chicago, Denver, and Austin. The conversation explores two major trends in the sustainability and decarbonization space. The first trend is building electrification coupled with grid advances, which is seen as a key strategy to achieve decarbonization goals. The second trend is the impact of transportation emissions and the need for better infrastructure and public transportation systems to reduce emissions.

More about Owen and Cortex Sustainability Intelligence
Cortex was founded in 2014 by our CEO Bryan Bennett, after he realized the need for commercial buildings to run more sustainably. He grew up around the CRE industry, as his family has a history of developing commercial real estate. When working as a consultant in the energy technology space, Bryan began to understand the many data points that buildings could use to create more sustainable building operations. After realizing that he could put this data to use, Bryan dedicated his career to developing Cortex. He continues to grow with our team and develop new features within the app to better support our customers.

Owen has spent his career in energy, technology, and customer success, which makes him an ideal leader of the customer success team at Cortex. He is coming from Building Robotics, a SaaS and IoT business unit within Siemens Smart Infrastructure.  He has had roles leading global Customer Success and Support teams.  

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