Customer-Centric Rental Management Tools with Ryan Barone, CEO of RentRedi

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

In this episode of Tech Nest Podcast, host Nate Smoyer sits down with Ryan Barone, CEO of RentRedi, to discuss their customer-centric approach to building rental management tools. Ryan also shares more about the effects of the pandemic on the rental market and details how his team weigh the pros and cons of incorporating features from partners versus building them in-house. This is a must-listen for anyone in the property management space or interested in the latest tech solutions for the rental market. Tune in to learn more about RentRedi's exciting efforts to build the all-in-one solution for independent landlords and their renters.

More about Ryan and RentRedi
RentRedi is a modern, end-to-end solution with web and mobile app that help landlords collect rent, screen tenants, list units, sign leases, and manage maintenance & accounting. For tenants, RentRedi provides companion apps to pay rent, set up auto-pay, sign up for credit boost, and renters insurance, apply to units, and submit maintenance requests. Each plan comes with unlimited units, tenants, and amazing customer support.

The brain behind RentRedi’s software and mobile apps, Ryan Barone is the company’s CEO & co-founder. Before launching RentRedi, he worked at Goldman Sachs and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). 

Ryan is an avid basket fan and enjoys playing music (drums, piano, and guitar), cooking, and traveling.

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