Creating the Check Engine Light for Homes with Dan Simpkins, CEO of Dwellwell

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Nate Smoyer

Almost everyone knows what the check engine light on a car does. It lights up on the dash panel when something isn't quite right with the motor. It can be something minor like a sensor that's unplugged or it can be something very significant like you have two cylinders misfiring because water and oil are leaking in.

So if we have that for cars, why not have that for homes? You've got a water heater, a furnace, central air systems, pipes or pex for water, all your kitchen appliances, and more devices and equipment that could break, leak, or not be performing properly.

This is what Dan Simpkins at Dwellwell is working to solve. Dwellwell has just emerged from stealth mode a few weeks ago and is ready to share with the world a new system that functions as the check engine light for the home. Dan breaks down how a simple plug and play device in the home can be powerful enough to recognize problems throughout the home and what that could mean for preventative maintenance or spotting a problem that needs to be fixed sooner.

Dan isn't a first time inventor or entrepreneur. If you've ever used VOIP or a smart TV, then you've used products he's directly responsible for bringing to market. Listen in to Dan's ideas and vision for a smarter home that goes beyond bluetooth door locks.

Learn more about Dwellwell and Dan
Dwellwell is the first and only comprehensive “check engine light” for homes. This patent-pending technology senses and alerts residential property owner-operators to irregularities in core building systems’ performance, providing early detection of issues before they lead to system failure or devolve to catastrophic faults. 

Dwellwell monitors and proactively identifies issues across core property systems — including HVAC, electrical and plumbing, as well as indoor air quality — helping large-scale single-family rental (SFR) and multifamily owners streamline maintenance, generate cost savings and improve resident comfort. 

A serial entrepreneur who holds more than 20 U.S. patents, Dan Simpkins brings more than two decades of startup success. He founded Hillcrest Labs, now a division of CEVA (NASDAQ: CEVA), which introduced the first SmartTV operating system to the market and developed the first motion-controller for television. He also founded SALIX Technologies, a telecom company that was acquired by Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB) for $300 million. 

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